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Welcome to Hope 4 U 2020

Welcome to Hope 4 U 2020

About Us



 HOPE 4 U 20/20, is a non-profit located in Baltimore MD, under the umbrella of Fusion Partnerships Inc.  http://www.fusiongroup.org/ It is to be the premier resource devoted to providing unprecedented reliable transportation for the Returning Citizen.  A Returning Citizen  is anyone who is returning to society from the county, city, state, or federal prison system.  HOPE 4 U 20/20 means Helping Obtain a Positive Experience 4 yoU, 20/20  denotes having a clear vision for the future ahead that is far superior to the past.  

Why we Exist??


There are an estimated 10,000 returning citizens that return to Baltimore City each year, most do not have transportation or funds for public transportation, or even the knowledge of which forms of public transportation will get them to the desired destination. HOPE4U20/20 will provide FREE transportation service up to 6 months while the clients become acclimated to society. 

The social and economic impact will be significant as we will transport clients to obtain the social services they need to receive their State Photo Identification, Social Security Card, Independence Card, Birth Certificate, as well as transport to job interviews, and employment sites. Returning citizens who have been incarcerated often have a very difficult time getting around town. Most feel uncomfortable asking a stranger for help and/or directions. The lack of transportation and/or detailed knowledge of the MTA public transportation systems creates additional barriers to the reintegration into the community. 

Goals and objectives


This project will stimulate social change by helping to relieve the stress for the returning citizens as they often worry about where the appointment is located and how they will to get to their appointments and then return home afterwards without funds for a bus. This project will reduce the risk of heart attack, physical attacks and will reduce the risk of recidivism by providing reliable, safe, and secure transportation which will result in peace of mind for the returning citizen and their family. 

Our goal is to help the Returning citizens have dependable access to resources and opportunities in the Baltimore area, by providing transportation to the various services and programs that are available to help them get their lives on track.